Here is a collection of my published work


Impact Journal from the Chartered College of Teaching

Creating a physics teaching sequence with cognitive load theory in mind (31st January 2022)

TES Magazine

Author page here

How to integrate your family into international life (4th March 2021)

4 tips for settling in to a new international school (23 August 2020)

How to start your international job under quarantine (22 July 2020)

How I’m preparing to start my new international post (5th June 2020)


Author page here

Remote Learning: Physics Resources Roundup (15th January 2021)

The Physics Education Community on Twitter (14th December 2020)

Should you be Doing that Practical? (23rd April 2020)


Rethinking First Examples (14th March 2021)

Context For All (16th December 2020)

Sequencing linear and non-linear topics (5th July 2020)

The purpose of practicals (23rd March 2020)

Going on a sequencing adventure (3rd February 2020)



Seneca Virtual Conference Sciences: Questions to ask yourself before a practical (11th July 2020)


ChatPhysics Live Conference 2021: Rethinking First Examples (6th March 2021)


From Page to Podcast

Series 3, Episode 10 – Speaking about Impact Journal Issue 14 (28th February 2022)

The Physics Teaching Podcast

Season 2, Episode 24 – Speaking about ChatPhysics (19th March 2020)

Photo by Ellen Melin on Unsplash